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December 23, 2007



Love this post!

I love sex, and the times that I have been turned off by the mere idea of sex where times that I was dissatisfied with other aspects of my life. It ranges from different aspects of life from not feeling appreciated by my sons and dh, to being overweight and overly selfconscious about my body or simply being in pain. Never ever was the reason a low libido caus if all those negative aspects would be elimanated I was ready to let go and allow my dh to please me as I please him.

What saddens me when I look around is how many young women feel dissatisfied in their lives. How many of them feel like they pulled the short straw and have been dealt a lousy hand of cards. Sometimes I get the feeling that some women would want to elimate all differences between men and women simply caus they want to be treated alike. We are not created alike and GOD makes no mistakes! We are born with a clear purpose and as long as we fight that we will never be at ease.

As a women in my 30's, who has been with her dh for over a decade and has 2 sons ages 11 and 3 there is one advice that I can give to lil sisters. Let GOD rule in your mind/body/soul not media and society! We are wombman GOD trusted us with a womb and breasts to carry and nurture our babies. This task is a far greater one than making promotion, gathering wealth and keeping up with the joneses! I have no problem with mothers working outside the home I have done so for many years when my first son was born. I do have a problem with mothers ducking out on their responsibilities to raise happy, healthy children. Mothers fighting with their partners over who's turn it is to bathe the child, feed the child, change the diaper, wombman if you are too tired to do those tasks than ask yourself a question are you raising this gift of GOD that has been entrusted in your care to the best of you ability? Ask yourself how can I change this. You are not able to change another persons behaviour with force but once your significant other sees that you are tending to him, your children and your home I am convinced that he will do everything in his power to keep it that way and please his wombman!

Stop the foolish pride! You cannot do things on your own we all need someone to help us. Why not let that someone be the husband, so, boyfriend that we have once chosen ourselves?! Find the love that attracted you to that man search in your heart keep it there and allow him to ease your mind and body by a simple touch and stroke.

Sister "Sexual Griot" keep spitting the truth, let's pray that this will open eyes that need to be opened.


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